‘Right Here Right Now’

International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

In 2010, The Lancashire to Lahore International Art Exchange Project was exhibited in Lancashire, UK and Lahore, Pakistan before being archived in a shoe-box and stored in a darkened room at the home of the artist William Titley. The archive consists of 120 hand crafted postcards from both countries.


In 2014 there is a unique opportunity to add more works to the archive via the exhibition: Right Here – Right Now. The exhibition forms part of a 3-day symposium called ‘International Collaboration on a Local Scale’ and will be held in venues in Far East Lancashire and at The University of Central Lancashire, Preston with delegates from The UK, USA and Pakistan.


The work will then be exhibited in Lahore, Pakistan, Chandigarh, India and Texas, USA before being archived and stored at The Centre for Contemporary Arts in Preston.


This is my contribution…


Right Here Right Now exhibition William Titley postcard art cup of tea

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